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We offer a range of workshops in every day activities such as loose lead walking and recall as well as scentwork, TTouch and Real Dog Yoga (not to be confused with Doga)


We also run dog focused events, such as our Canine Escape Room experience. Contact us for more information.

Whether you prefer to train your dog without distractions, or if you have a specific issue you're trying to overcome, one to ones can be a perfect time to focus on your amazing canine companion. Please see our booking page for a suitable time and date for you.

We have already had the privilege of working on a variety of species using TTouch to great success, including: cats, hedgehogs, tortoise and bearded dragons.  

If you have a pet who you feel would benefit from TTouch, or if you want to train your pet llama to pick a ball out of a pile of toys, or your rabbit to ring a bell, we can help you with this.

We are currently closed due to the ongoing pandemic

Canine Cooperation

Canine Cooperation is a dog training and behaviour organisation serving Sutton Coldfield, Erdington, Lichfield and beyond. 

We believe life for you and your dog should be fun, so all our work is based around building a bond based on mutual respect and enjoyment. As such, whether you have a dog who barks at the postman, who is scared of fireworks, chases cyclists or you just want to spend time having fun with, we can help you work through it in a kind and enjoyable way.

Our head trainer, Ellen, has studied Puppy Life Skills at Lincoln University, is a qualified TTouch Practitioner, a Scentwork UK instructor and a Real Dog Yoga instructor (not to be confused with Doga) and is continually keeping up to date with the more effective and compassionate dog training methods.

About us

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Scentwork is a teamwork exercise that enables dogs to use one of their most powerful sense in a fun and engaging way.

Puppy Life Skills

Setting your puppy up with skills for life gives both of you a great start. We look at skills such as calmness, following rules, listening and coping with surprises, giving you a good grounding for the future.

Real-Life Training

We believe that training should be fit for purpose, so in our dedicated one to one sessions you will learn skills to help your dog in every day life.

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Puppy Life Skills One to Ones

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Giving your puppy the right start in life can help them grow into happy, confident and relaxed dogs. In our dedicated one-to-ones you and your puppy will learn how to settle, how to leave interesting items alone, how to greet people nicely and other really important every day skills, as well as some of the more traditional important activities, such as walking nicely on a lead and coming back when called.

Most importantly we make our sessions fun and easy, so that you and your puppy can enjoy the journey together.

A puppy package is £100 for three one sessions.

Whether you want to work on a specific issue, or just prefer the idea of building a bond with your dog through training in a one-to-one setting, these are for you.


Need to improve your recall? Want to finally enjoy your walk and not feel like you're being pulled for miles? Or maybe you want to teach your dog some fun tricks, but classes aren't for you.


I also offer the Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Good Companion aware scheme.

Adult Dog One to Ones 


Tellington TTouch


TTouch is method of working with and training animals without using fear or force. It combines observations, simple body and ground work exercises and trust games to help an animal to relax and improves the ability to learn.


The method includes body work, ground work and trust games to bring about balance to the animal's body, and in doing so also bring about balance to its mind.


We run workshops and provide one to one visits to help your dog (or other animal).

Scentwork is a great activity for dogs - it uses the sense they are most famous for, it's low-arousal, and low-impact, therefore ideal for dogs who have mobility issues.

Whether you want to partake in an activity you can take to the park and excercise your dog's brain, or if you like the idea of competing in the sport of scentwork and maybe collect a few rosettes, we can help you.

A course is made up of 4 classes, and occurs every other week. Each class is made up of mixed ability groups, from complete beginners to intermediate level.

Cost is £50 and places are limited.




Scentwork - Pype Hayes

Sundays - semi-fortnightly from 8th Sept

Dogs that need space - 15.00

Beginner & Level 1 - 16.00

St Mary's Church, Tyburn Road, Birmingham

Block includes - 8th & 22nd Sept and 6th & 20th Oct

Sniffari Experiences

Operational Scent Search experiences in real world environments.


For dogs on odour (normally clove, gun oil or truffle, but other scents can be accomdated)

Book now

or contact us for more information

Canine Escape Room Experiences

Mystery Mutts and the Case of the Haunted Garden

1st May 2019 - Fully Booked

3rd July 2019 - Fully Booked

9th August 2019 - Fully Booked

4th September 2019 - Fully Booked

25th October 2019 - Fully Booked


Christmas event dates in discussion

TTouch Workshops

More events coming soon.

Please contact us for more information

Scentwork - Hilton

Fridays - Fortnightly from 6th Sept

Improvers - 19.30

Beginners - 20.30

Hilton Village Hall, Hilton, Derbyshire

Block includes - 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month


Canine Cooperation

Running classes and one to ones in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham,

South Staffordshire and Derbyshire. 


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